Jennifer Lopez Says All Men Are 'Usless' Before They Hit 33

Jennifer Lopez Says All Men Are 'Usless' Before They Hit 33

When Tinder execs were all sat around a big long table (bet it's mahogany gloss), putting their guest wishlist together for their Swipe Sessions, we reckon J-Lo was right up there (along with Swifty, obvs).

Some would call her an expert in the dating game - she's been married (three times to be exact), has dated the likes of Sean Combs (P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Diddy/Love/make your mind up mate), Ben Affleck and in 2016 she was linked to rapper Drake. 

So, we feel she's a reliable source when she says that guys under 33 are 'useless'. Drake was 30 when the pair were an 'item', and let's not forget 24-year-old Casper Smart, who she started dating in 2011 - when she was 41.

The new episode of Tinder's Swipe Sessions saw Lopez help Brooke, a 29-year-old country singer. The pair swiped their way through a few potential candidates while J-Lo made sneaky remarks as she went.

The singer, actress and dancer flicked through a few men and dismissed them all. Until she came to Maurice. Maurice looked like a lovely chap.

He was 29 and a social media manager who lived four miles away. He was drinking a glass of wine in his profile picture. Win-win in our eyes. 

But J-Lo had to come and rain on everyone's parade as she remarked: "Guys - until they're 33 are really useless". The cheek.