Neuroscientists Have Discovered A Song That Reduces Anxiety

Neuroscientists Have Discovered A Song That Reduces Anxiety

One of the toughest disorders to deal with is anxiety. It gives you a feeling of panic, worry, fear, and even dread. It’s a feeling that has taken its toll on a vast majority of the world’s population.

According to the Anxiety Centre, almost 30% of the adult population that are between the ages of 18-54 are affected by anxiety in the US alone.

Mental health is a silent killer, mostly because people are afraid to talk/speak up about their issue. It’s tough to relate to those with anxiety, but there are always different methods that can be done to help with it. One doctor believes he has found a solution to anxiety. Read on to find out what that solution is.

Before dissecting this new discovery on anxiety, let’s first discuss how anxiety has become so prevalent to our society. Psychologists believe that the rise of technology, overly-protective parenting and “exam factory” schooling are to blame.


The reason why they believe these three elements have played such a huge role is because people tend to grow very insecure from each of these things. For example: society has put such pressure on people getting good grades so they can get a good job, so schools have taken the testing approach rather than the teaching approach. Basing your entire future on a grade can be really nerve-racking.